Dry Rot

Wednesday, 9 January 1963 - 7:30pm
Thursday, 10 January 1963 - 7:30pm
Friday, 11 January 1963 - 7:30pm
John Chapman
Bessie Lamb
Hornby Institute, Main Street, Hornby
Colonel Wagstaff, the proprietor of the "Bull & Cow"Eric Bentley
Mrs Wagstaff, his wifeFreda Longbottom
Beth Barton, a MaidSheila Halstead
Susan Wagstaff, his daughterMargaret Hartley
John Danby, Alfred Tubbe's SecretaryPhilip Halstead
Fred Phipps, Alfred Tubbe's RunnerJohn Holt
Alfred Tubbe, a BookmakerTom Halhead
Flash Harry, a Horse ThiefKenneth Lamb
Albert Polignac, a French JockeyBill Yare
Sergeant Fire, a PolicewomanJean Hallam
CommentatorEdward Hallam

"Dry Rot" deals with a crazy but very likeable gang of bookies who, in order to be near the racecourse, are staying at a country hotel run by a retired colonel and his wife and daughter. Secret rooms, sliding panels, mistaken identity and a nice little bit of romance are some of the main ingredients of this very racy and slick farce, which never lets up for a moment and provides some of the best possible entertainment around.