Johnny Belinda

Thursday, 5 April 1962 - 7:30pm
Friday, 6 April 1962 - 7:30pm
Elmer Harris
Bessie Lamb
Hornby Institute, Main Street, Hornby
Jimmy Dingwell, the butcherEric Halhead
Dr. Jack DavidsonJohn Holt
Belinda McDonaldSheila Halstead
Black McDonald, Belinda's fatherDouglas James
Locky McCormickSam Ashton
Stella MaguireMary McClements
Maggie McDonald, Black McDonald's sisterMary Lamb
Mrs McKee, village gossipFreda Longbottom
Mrs Lutz, village gossipAlice Brennand
The Rev. Edward TidmarshEric Bentley

The plot centres on the story of a deaf-mute girl, Belinda McDonald that becomes friends with the new town Doctor, Dr. Robert Richardson. Although she cannot speak or hear, he realizes how smart she is.

Dr. Richardson teaches Belinda sign language and grows to love her. His secretary resents them both for it and when Belinda is raped by someone and becomes pregnant, the town assumes it was the doctor that raped her.

The rumours, although not true become to much for Dr. Richardson to handle so he decides to marry Belinda and take her and the baby somewhere else. He finds a new practice and they try to move on.

By this time, the man who did rape Belinda, Locky McCormick, is married to Dr. Richardson's old secretary and wants to get custody of the baby he fathered with Belinda.

Locky McCormick shows up to the Belinda's home one day and shoves her down and goes to look for the baby. Belinda grabs a shotgun and kills him. She is arrested but later found not guilty for protecting herself, her home and her baby. In the end, she is set free.