Previous Productions

Playsort descending Date Writer Director
A Christmas Carol December 1992 Charles Dickens Robin H Ingleby
A Dead Liberty May 1974 Alan Gosling Jimmy Swindlehurst
A Provincial Lady May 1990 Ivan Turgenev Robin H Ingleby
A Provincial Lady May 1972 Ivan Turgenev Dorothy Blamire
A Separate Peace May 1983 Tom Stoppard John Hopkinson
A Separate Peace May 1975 Tom Stoppard June Swindlehurst
A Slight Accident May 1976 James Saunders Mary McClements
Absent Friends March 1982 Alan Ayckbourn David Towers
Albert May 1986 Richard Harris Tony Gatrell
Alice in Wonderland January 2014 V A Pearn Jane Greenwood
An Evening of Comic Drama June 2015
Anne of Green Gables January 2020
April Dawn May 1959 Philip Johnson Bessie Lamb
Arsenic And Old Lace January 1970 Joseph Kesselring Ann Beckwith
As Good As New May 1987 David Perry Robin H Ingleby
At the Sign of the Crippled Harlequin November 2016 Norman Robbins
Barnstable May 1978 James Saunders David Battersby
Bedside The Seaside January 1961 Leslie Sands Bessie Lamb
Bedtime Story May 1971 Sean O'Casey Philip Halstead
Birds Of A Feather May 1963 J O Francis Bessie Lamb
Blithe Spirit November 1999 Noel Coward
But Yesterday May 2007 Jimmie Chinn Hilary Strickett
Cat On The Fiddle January 1992 John Dole Chris Clark
Cat's Cradle November 2007 Leslie Sands Hilary Strickett
Caught Napping January 1967 Geoffrey Lumsden Robin H Ingleby